Fledglings Day Nursery and Forest School Solihull  Ofsted Outstanding 

Fledglings Day Nursery – Our Rooms


Fledglings Nursery Solihull Chicks Nest

The Chicks Nest

Our dedicated Baby room where your child will start their learning journey through Fledglings. A loving, calm environment with a maximum of six babies, designed to nurture their needs.

Fledglings Nursery Solihull Robins

Tiny Robins

Confident walkers, ready to leave the nest for new experiences.

Fledglings Nursery Solihull Sparrows

Little Sparrows

Our two year olds enjoy lots of free play, messy play and extra fun in their bigger outdoor learning environment.

Fledglings Nursery Solihull

Rising Wrens

More fun and learning, planned to stimulate their ever expanding minds, as our older two year olds prepare for the next stage.

Fledglings Nursery Solihull Wise Owls

Wise Owls

Our pre-school room is designed to provide a host of learning opportunities designed to promote independence and confidence, ensuring that they are resilient and self-assured, thus ready for school.


Fledglings Nursery Solihull Fledglings Nursery Solihull